Cathy Robinson Pickett

7f3451f8-faf7-42b7-aac8-830c93e255ccCathy Robinson Pickett is an internationally recognized motivational and inspirational educator. She has been named a National Point of Light, by President George Bush and recognized by countless organizations and media outlets including PEOPLE Magazine for her work in HIV, Domestic Violence, victims’ rights, sexual responsibility and patient advocacy. Cathy’s legislative activism on a local, state and Federal level began in 1992 and has continued to evolve across the intersections of victims and patients’ rights for sexual assault, domestic violence and HIV. Her work initially focused on victims’ rights in assault cases and evolved into work around HIV testing for pregnant women and the availability of comprehensive reproductive health education for school aged young adults. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Friends-Together, a NGO that works with families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Cathy is a native Floridian and daughter of a well-known Methodist Minister and college professor. Her southern roots shape her unique spirit and come through with her great passion and carrying for those she works with. Cathy’s professional career has included many years of working in higher education. Since 2008 she has worked extensively in the area of smoking cessation and prevention, both directly with small groups and teaching professionals techniques to work with their patients and clients. Cathy has an extensive resume of accomplishments but if you were to ask her the most important thing she has accomplished it would be that her children Lyndsy and Garrett have grown into amazing young adults with the hearts of activism and service.